Robyn Dowley

Principal Solicitor


I have been practising exclusively in family law since admission in 2010. I have several years of experience in assisting clients with matters involving all aspects of family law.

I believe very strongly in empowering my clients to make the decisions involved in their matter, decisions which can often have long lasting impact on their life.

I have witnessed over and over again people not being able to afford legal representation, and not being eligible for legal aid. I have seen how these people, without legal assistance, lose out on their entitlements or end up with arrangements that are not in their children’s best interests, because they did not have anyone to advocate for them in their matters.

I am committed to ensuring that my clients have access to high quality legal representation at rates they can afford. I offer many payment arrangements, and operate the firm from home to keep my overheads low.

I am also committed to being available to my clients, flexible in my working hours to enable clients to see me after hours, and providing excellent client service at all times.

Please feel free to contact me for a free, confidential chat about your matter.