Fees and Payment Arrangements

We want to help clients in all financial circumstances

Our principal solicitor, Robyn Dowley, operates the firm from home, resulting in lower overhead costs than many other law firms. Robyn passes these savings on to you with discounted hourly rates and low set fees, whilst still providing quality legal advice and representation.

We understand that legal costs can be a significant barrier to clients obtaining quality legal representation. We want to help clients in all financial circumstances. We therefore accept legal aid funded matters, and offer flexible payment arrangements for other clients, including capped fees, deferred payments, discounted rates and payment plans. We can enter into a payment arrangement to suit your financial situation and individual circumstances.

Capped fees can be arranged for all matters after consultation with us to discuss your matter. We need to determine the amount of work involved in your matter before offering a capped fee.

Deferred fees

if you are likely to receive a payment at the end of your matter we can defer our fees until you receive that payment. Disbursements such as filing fees, process server costs and possibly barrister fees will be payable by you during the matter. Capped fees are not available when fees are deferred.

Legal Aid rates

If you rely on Centrelink payments as your sole source of income, or earn less than $35,000 and are not eligible for a deferred fee arrangement, we may, at our sole discretion, offer legal aid rates.

Payment plan

Direct debit amounts can be agreed upon if you cannot afford to pay upfront for your legal fees, and are not eligible for deferred fees.

Legal Aid

If you are eligible, we will complete your legal aid application with you and organize legal aid funding for you. We are on the legal aid general panel and are authorized to accept family law legal aid matters.